Mind over matter.  This phrase has been used to motivate people in many contexts.  But this concept is probably more applicable to money than to anything else. 

We are constantly barraged with images and messages that encourage consumption.  It takes a strong mind to resist the urge to spend hard earned money on all the matter advertised on TV and displayed in store windows.  For most people, including me, saving aggressively does not come naturally…  Doing so is a conscious act of willpower.

My hope for HotFrugal! is that it will help keep my mind strong and focused on my financial goals.  By writing about smart spending and financial planning on a regular basis, I hope to stay committed to a frugal and fulfilling lifestyle. 

I invite you to join me; please share your experiences, ideas, and words of encouragement.  Let’s travel the road to financial freedom together!


Disclaimer:  If I have to start a blog to help me stay on track with my financial goals, it should be obvious that I am not a financial expert.  But just in case it isn’t, I’m not.  I am not offering advice or making recommendations on this blog because I am really not qualified to do so.  I am simply sharing my own personal thoughts and experiences related to money, spending, and financial planning.  Feel free to borrow my strategies or philosophies, but do so at your own risk.




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