Why Do You Work?

I saw this car today and had to snap a photo.  Do you see the license plate? 


CYIWORK = See Why I Work

It’s a pretty amusing vanity tag. 

Myself, I work because I like food and air conditioning.  Why do you work?



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9 responses to “Why Do You Work?

  1. Mostly for food. Oh and this thing called rent.

  2. As of today I will be consumer debt free! I had to work hard doing quite of bit of overtime (i.e. working a second job) to get caught up while simultaneously buying the new home. It feels great! Now with the new home I have to constantly remind myself daily to stay focused and be patient so I CAN accomplish all the projects I want to complete, things I want to buys, places I want to go the right way. Otherwise, I could easily end up right back where I started.

  3. Weakness for Cute Baby Clothes

    for food, cute clothes for Levi, and shoes/purses..i do save I swear…

  4. Mike

    I work because of the three most expensive things I ever obtained. My wife and 2 kids…

  5. Sandi

    This is funny but also sad – kind of high school, working for expensive wheels, don’t you think?
    I work to maintain a lifestyle that’s important to us (air conditioning!). But it cuts both ways as I have purposely not worked because of the lifestyle we wanted.
    Great question!

    • Sandi, I do think it’s a little sad, or at least a little misguided. But at least it’s honest!

      Excellent point about choosing NOT to work in order to support different priorities and a different type of lifestyle!

  6. I work to provide for my cats, chickens and husband – in that order.

    Kidding, of course.

    I work to afford the basic necessities, but I also work so that I can afford incredible life experiences – debauchery in Key West, getting lost in Paris with a limited grasp of French, singing karaoke at the Seventy Nine in Holyhead, Wales, and an international incident involving a tractor on the way to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. I also work so that someday I can decide NOT to work and still live comfortably.

    Those chickens better be good at sports so they can get scholarships.

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