Holy unplanned spending, Batman!

The last few weeks have been brutal.  First, it was an unexpected $500 car repair.  Then disaster struck.  Ok, that might be slightly overdramatic.  My Kindle stopped working.  But I consider the Kindle to be the best invention ever, better even than the wheel, and one of the essentials of life, more important even than oxygen.  So I had to immediately spend $250 for a replacement Kindle and case.  (My old Kindle was the original model, so its case would not fit the latest version.)  And now, I have plumbing issues at my house that are probably going to run a couple hundred bucks.


This is why emergency funds exist.  Normally, I would pay for these things out of my emergency fund and then replenish it over the next few months.  But my emergency fund is currently a meager $3,000, which is well below what it should be.  So instead, I’m going to pay for these things partially from my vacation fund, which means my plan for a long weekend in St. Louis to visit my cousins next month is not going to happen.  That is super disappointing, but it’s the right call.  To make that trip, I would definitely have to dip into my emergency fund, and that just isn’t an option.

I also plan to cover these unexpected costs by dramatically reducing my spending on food for the next couple of months.  This means cutting back on dining out, of course, but I also want to cut back on groceries.  I have a lot of non-perishables on hand that will keep me fed for weeks.  I also have a freezer full of venison.  It will be like a little challenge to see how long I can go without buying groceries. 

The past few weeks have really helped remind me just how important it is to keep a REAL emergency fund.  Beefing mine up must become a top priority for the rest of the year.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Viva la Frugal!


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