Wine for Dinner: Frugal and Fun!

Last night, I enjoyed an experience I haven’t had in quite awhile:  Wine for dinner. 

There are several advantages to having wine for dinner that are both frugal and fun:

  1. Wine is delicious and filling.  Who needs well balanced meals with protein and other nutrients when you can feel oh-so-good after a couple five glasses of wine?
  2. Inevitably, if I have wine for dinner, I’ll be having a dance party for dessert.  By “dance party” I mean enthusiastic, exuberant, highly physical interpretive expressions of the works of Ke$ha and other great musical artists of our day.  I acknowledge that I might look like I’m having a grand maul seizure when I’m in the midst of a wine-induced dance party, but I really don’t care.  And I’m pretty sure that a highly physical dance party is more effective than any $50/month gym membership.
  3. You really need only five to ten songs for a fabulous dance party that never gets old when you’ve had a few glasses of wine.  Even if you buy your songs in the most expensive way possible (iTunes), this is a cost of only $13 tops.  Not bad for hours of entertainment.
  4. Some snooty people might be thinking, “How could you possibly have an inexpensive meal consisting of wine when a bottle of wine costs at least $15?”  To these people, I say “Ptthph!”  It is not difficult or unusual to find a tasty bottle of wine on sale for as little as $5 a bottle.  Yup, five bucks.  Spending $5 on a bottle of wine is not a huge gamble.  Worst case, it’s not good enough to be a starter drink.  Even a crappy bottle of wine can be consumed after everyone has already had a couple of drinks.  Put these failed experiments out for your guests later in the evening; they’ll never know the difference.  Check out liquor discount stores and ask about their discounts for buying wine by the case.
  5. Wine makes you feel all warm inside.  Dancing around your house in a highly animated fashion makes you feel even warmer.  Go ahead and turn your thermostat down to 60 degrees.  You won’t even miss all that expensive heat. 

 I feel like I should include some sort of disclaimer lest any silly people think that I’m advocating a regular diet of booze in lieu of proper food.  I’m not.  Please do eat your green vegetables.

Viva la frugal!


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One response to “Wine for Dinner: Frugal and Fun!

  1. Sherye

    I am allll about a dance party…doesn’t have to be dessert!

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